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Core Acoustics, a GMS company, is a premier provider of integrated acoustic systems, including high-quality sound control products and acoustical stretch fabrics. We serve builders, architects and engineers across Canada, delivering pleasing and effective acoustical noise reduction solutions for projects in numerous, diverse industries and environments.

Trust Core Acoustics for All Your Noise Reduction Solutions

We carry a full line of sound attenuation and other acoustical solutions for a variety of residential and commercial applications. From homes and schools to offices, theatres and other public spaces, Core Acoustics offers expert consultation in helping you choose the best acoustic stretch fabrics for your needs, including:

  • Printed acoustical stretch fabrics
  • Custom-designed acoustical stretch fabrics
  • Illusion effect walls
  • Printed walls
  • Printed acoustical fabrics for ceilings
  • Anti-bacterial acoustical stretch fabrics
  • Frames and stands for acoustical stretch fabrics
  • Hanging frames
  • Acoustic baffles
  • Backlit acoustical stretch fabrics
  • Translucent acoustical stretch fabrics

Connect with the Best Acoustical Stretch Fabrics at Core Acoustics

There’s an answer for all your acoustical sound reduction needs when you consult Core Acoustics for help with acoustical stretch fabrics. We’re here to aid builders, architects and engineers deliver exceptional noise-control solutions. Let us help connect you with a full line of acoustical stretch fabrics and other related acoustical products from top manufacturers.

On-Site, On-Time Delivery

Core Acoustics is committed to exceptional service, and offers safe, on-time delivery with full stock and scatter service for the products we sell. Let us help you with your acoustical stretch fabric needs today.

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