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Core Acoustics, a GMS company, is a premier provider of integrated acoustic systems, including high-quality acoustical ceiling products. We serve builders, architects and engineers across Canada and beyond, delivering pleasing and effective acoustical solutions for projects in numerous, diverse industries and environments.

Trust Core Acoustics for All Your Acoustical Ceiling Solutions

We carry a full line of ceiling tiles and suspension systems for a variety of residential and commercial applications – from kitchens, bathrooms, living rooms and basements to custom-engineered acoustic solutions for businesses and other public spaces. Core Acoustics offers expert consultation in helping you choose the best acoustical ceiling products for your needs, including:

  • Acoustical panels– available in a full range of types, including sound-proofing, insulation, basic, durable, light-reflective, and mold-resistant
  • Integrated commercial ceiling systems– designed to work around ceiling-mounted lighting, air vents and utilities to create a seamless, professional finish
  • Specialty ceilings– made specifically for higher end, more complex design projects
  • Suspension systems– available in economical, flexible and visually appealing options to meet a variety of building needs

Connect with the Best Acoustical Ceiling Solutions at Core Acoustics

There’s an answer for all your acoustical ceiling needs when you consult Core Acoustics. We’re here to help builders, architects and engineers deliver exceptional sound-control solutions. Let us help connect you with a full line of quality acoustical ceiling products and accessories, from top manufacturers including:

  • CGC™ acoustic panels, suspension systems, specialty ceiling solutions and more. Visit the CGC website
  • Sky Acoustics– custom acoustical clouds and shapes, commercial acoustical ceiling panels, mounting systems and other acoustical solutions. Visit the Sky Acoustics website
  • Topakustik®– custom acoustical wood products and systems including invisible, grooved and perforated acoustical solutions. Visit the Topakustik website
  • Clipso®– translucent, anti-bacterial, printed and other custom stretch fabric acoustical ceiling covering solutions. Visit the Clipso website
  • Tecoustics™spring mounts, hangers, seismic mounts and bracing, and a full range of seismic control solutions for the mechanical and electrical trades.  Visit the Tecoustics website
  • MSL®– high performance soundproofing panels, thermo-acoustic membranes, underlayments and other acoustic management solutions for a variety of environments and building materials. Visit the MSL website
  • Pliteq®sound isolation clips, resilient sound isolation, sound control underlayment, and other products for airborne and impact sound control . Visit the Pliteq website
  • Wilrep– baffles, acoustic sheet, soundproofing solutions for walls, ceilings, floors and ducts, and other acoustical accessories. Visit the Wilrep website

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Core Acoustics is committed to exceptional service, and offers safe, on-time delivery with full stock and scatter service for the products we sell. Let us help you with your acoustical product needs today.

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